India is the second-largest population in the world after China. The rise in disposable income and the growing economy have given rise to the country’s FMCG sector. This sector has one of the oldest companies operating in it, which include Indian as well as Foreign.

The market share distribution of the FMCG (full form Fast Moving Consumer Goods) sector across products can be found at

This sector is essential for our survival as our lives are dependent on them, for example, every household in India has a Parachute oil bottle or packet, Maggie is a common favorite for all young Indians, and many more examples just like this.

Top FMCG companies in India.

1. HUL (Hindustan Unilever Limited)

HUL is a subsidiary of Unilever, an Anglo-Dutch company. 9 out of 10 households in India use HUL products for there day to day use.

HUL came to India in 1931 at that time the name of the company of Hindustan Vanaspati Manufacturing Co. In the year 1956 after a merger, the name of the company was changed to Hindustan Lever Limited, and later in the year 2007 again it was renamed Hindustan Unilever Limited. 

HUL is the third oldest company on this list, but the most dominating player in the sector. Recently they acquired GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare with an all-equity deal. HUL VS Marico’s fight is still one of the most famous battles in this sector.

 Promoter Group -Unilever Plc. and Unilever companies  & Holding – 61.9%


  • Chairman & Managing Director – Sanjiv Mehta
  • CFO & Executive Director – Srinivas Phatak

Market Capitalization – 552000 crores

Revenue =39783 crores.

  • 3 yrs CAGR Sales = 9.53%  
  • 3 yrs CAGR Net profit = 22.57%

Financial ratio

  • P/E ratio= 75.43%
  • ROE = 82%   
  • ROCE = 87.58%
  • Debt to equity = –

What does the company do?

Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) Ltd is India`s largest fast-moving consumer goods company. They have the highest market share in many of the product segments they are in including home and personal care products.

They have more than 35+ product brands which include Lifebuoy, Lux, Lakme, Kwality walls, and many more,  this product span out over 20+ categories. 

2. ITC 

ITC stands for Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited. 

ITC was established in 1910 under the above name, later the name was changed to India Tobacco Company Limited in 1970 and then again to ITC in 1974.

This company is the second oldest company on this list. Most of the profits earned by the company come from the cigarette business of which they have 83%+ market share.

ITC vs Reliance and EIH for acquiring the hotel business by way of a hostile takeover is a classic in this industry.

Promotor Group – Various pubic and institutional shareholders.


  • Chairman & Managing Director – Sanjiv Puri
  • CFO & Executive Director – Rajiv Tandon

Market Capitalization – 250000 crores

Revenue = 49,404 crores.

  • 3 yrs CAGR Sales = 7.47%  
  • 3 yrs CAGR Net profit = 22%

Financial ratio

  • P/E ratio= 18.89%
  • ROE = 23.44%   
  • ROCE = 29.80%
  • Debt to equity = –

What does the company do?

ITC, as we learned above, earns a majority of its profits from the cigarette business. But they are a diversified conglomerate wherein 75%+ revenue is generated from FMCG business.

They also operate and own one of the biggest hotel chains in the country. 

Their famous brands include  Aashirvaad, Sunrise Foods, Sunfeast, Classmate, PaperKraft, and Colour Crew, Vivel, Savlon, etc.

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3. Nestle India 

Nestle India is an Indian subsidiary of Nestlé which is a Swiss multinational company. They came to India in the year 1959 &  set up their first production facility in 1961 at Moga, Punjab. Nestle India is one of the biggest and fast-growing FMCG COMPANIES IN India.

Unlike other companies in this list, Nestle India has more than 50%+ the market share in the market segment they operate in, which is remarkable.

Promotor Group – Nestle S A and Maggie Enterprise Limited & Holding – 62.76%


  • Chairman & Managing Director – Suresh Narayanan
  • CFO & Executive Director – David S McDaniel

Market Capitalization – 157000 crores

Revenue = 13,350 crores. (Dec. year ending)

  • 3 yrs CAGR Sales = 15.49%  
  • 3 yrs CAGR Net profit = 30.37%

Financial ratio

  • P/E ratio= 73.1%
  • ROE = 103.12%   
  • ROCE = 55.05%
  • Debt to equity = 0.02

What does the company do?

Nestle India operates in various market segments which include milk products, chocolates, confectionery, etc. The market leader in Infant Cereals (96.5%), Instant Pasta(65.2%), Instant Noodles (59.5%), White Chocolates, and wafers (62.6%).Data source.

Their famous brands like Maggie, Nescafe,  KIT KAT, and many more are household names. 

4. Dabur India 

The word Dabur in Dabur India is derived from the company’s founder name  Daktar’ Burman (Daktar means doctor). Dabur was founded in 1884 by founder Dr. S. K Burman to provide affordable medicine to poor far-flung villagers.

Dabur India was one of the early family-owned companies in India that handed over the day-to-day management of the company to professional management.

Promotor Group – Burman Family & Holding – 67.38%


  • Chairman –Amit Burman
  • Vice-Chairman – Mohit Burman
  • CEO & Whole Time Director – Mohit Malhotra

Market Capitalization – 95000 crores

Revenue = 8684 crores.

  • 3 yrs CAGR Sales = 6.8%  
  • 3 yrs CAGR Net profit = 6.36%

Financial ratio

  • P/E ratio= 59.8%
  • ROE = 21.87%   
  • ROCE = 27.84%
  • Debt to equity = 0.07

What does the company do?

Dabur India is engaged in the business of health care, personal care & food segment. They produce various products from toothpaste, mosquito repellent, ayurvedic medicines, and many more.

Their famous brands include health care products like Dabur Chyawanprash, Hajmola, Glucose D, etc. home care range includes Odonil, Odomos, etc. They also produce ayurvedic medicines.

5. Britannia Industries Ltd. 

Britannia Industries Ltd is one of the oldest companies operating in India and the world. The company was founded in the year 1892 with an investment of ₹295. They are engaged in the production of Biscuits and dairy products. 

The transfer of ownership story of Britannia Industries Ltd. was drastic where friends turned into enemies. Wadia and Rajan Pillai and Wadia and Danone.


  • Chairman – Nusli N Wadia
  •  Managing Director – Varun Berry

Market Capitalization – 83000 crores

  • Revenue = 13136 crores.
  • 3 yrs CAGR Sales = 15.11%  
  • 3 yrs CAGR Net profit = 35.73%

Financial ratio

  • P/E ratio= 44.6%
  • ROE = 52.53%   
  • ROCE = 59.71%
  • Debt to equity = 0.59

What does the company do?

Britannia Industries earns 90% from biscuits and the rest 10% from dairy products. They export their products to more than 60 countries in the world.

This company’s products are known to almost every Indian. Which includes Tiger, Good day, Marie, etc. This company is one of the fastest and most profitable in the sectors.

6. Godrej Consumer Products Ltd.

Godrej consumer products Ltd was established by Ardeshir Godrej in the year 1897 where he set up a lock company, he found his key to success from locks.

This company was endorsed by many freedom fighters as it was one of the first swadeshi companies at the time.They also introduced a public provident fund before the government made it compulsory 14 years after.

Godrej Consumer Products Ltd has market leadership positions in many product segments in India as well as outside India. 23% of the promoter stake is held with a foundation that works for the environment, health, and education.

Promotor Group – Godrej Family & Holding – 63.23%


  • Executive Chairmanperson – Nisaba Godrej
  • Chairman Emeritus – Adi Godrej
  • CEO  & Managing Director – Vivek Gambhir

Market Capitalization – 72000 crores

  • Revenue = 9910 crores.
  • 3 yrs CAGR Sales = 3.41%  
  • 3 yrs CAGR Net profit = 6.97%

Financial ratio

  • P/E ratio= 45.7%
  • ROE = 18.94%   
  • ROCE = 19.76%
  • Debt to equity = 0.34

What does the company do?

The company’s product line includes household and personal care products. Godrej consumer products Ltd. operates in soaps, hair colors, talc, etc. Their famous brands include  Cinthol, Fair Glow, Godrej Expert, Kesh Kala, and many more.

7. Marico

Marico Limited is one of India’s leading consumer goods companies operating in the health, beauty, and wellness space. Marico is one of the most famous FMCG success stories in India. Some of the products of this company are essential to present in every household in India. They are also the top consumer of coconut in the country.

Promotor Group –Harsh Mariwala and family & Holding – 59.61%


  • Chairman & Non-Executive Director – Harsh Mariwala
  • CEO & Managing Director – Saugata Gupta

Market Capitalization – 52000 crores

  • Revenue = 7315 crores.
  • 3 yrs CAGR Sales = 11.18%  
  • 3 yrs CAGR Net profit = 13.34%

Financial ratio

  • P/E ratio= 46.10%
  • ROE = 33.77%   
  • ROCE = 45.16%
  • Debt to equity = 0.11

What does the company do?

Marico is present in over 25 countries across emerging markets of Asia and Africa. The Company operates in two segments: Consumer Products and Others. Its Consumer Products include Coconut oils, other edible oils, hair oils, etc. 

Their famous brand Parachute is a must-have in all the households in India. Other famous brands of the company include.  Nihar Naturals, Livon, Set Wet, etc.  Its international portfolio includes brands, such as Fiancee, HairCode, Camelia, Aromatic, Caivil, Hercules, Black Chic, etc.

8. Procter and Gamble Hygiene and Health Care Ltd. 

Procter and Gamble Hygiene and Health Care Ltd. operate under two entities in India which are Procter & Gamble Hygiene and Health Care Limited and Gillette India Limited. P & G is one of the fastest-growing FMCG companies in India. Some of the brands such as cold and coughs (OTC) were created by them in the country and still lead the sector. 

Promotor Group – Shroff Family & Holding – 27.96%


  • Chairman & Independent Director – Chittranjan Dua
  • Managing Director –Madhusudan Gopalan

Market Capitalization – 43600 crores

  • Revenue = 3001 crores. (June year ended)
  • 3 yrs CAGR Sales = 13.74%  
  • 3 yrs CAGR Net profit =0.04%

Financial ratio

  • P/E ratio= 65.62%
  • ROE = 37.4%   
  • ROCE = 48.64%
  • Debt to equity = –

What does the company do?

P & G created the cold & cough over-the-counter (OTC) category in India in 1952 and still led the sector. This company has market dominance in the segment of cold cough OTC which brands Vicks and other related products in the segment. The company makes the product of feminine hygiene and owns the brand Whisper.

The famous brands of P&G include Gillette, Oral-B,  Pampers, Old Spice, and many more. The company has also created many brands in the cold and cough segment with Vicks Action 500+, Vicks VapoRub, Vicks Cough Drops, Vicks Formula 44 Cough Syrup, and Vicks Inhaler.

9. Colgate Palmolive (India) Ltd.

Colgate Palmolive (India) Ltd was founded in 1937 in India. The company is one of the oldest FMCG companies in India. The company is in the business of catering to personal care products. 

Promoter Group – Colgate-Palmolive Company (USA) & Holding – 51%


  • Chairman & – Mukul Deoras
  • Managing Director – Ram Raghavan

Market Capitalization – 40000 crores

  • Revenue = 4525 crores.
  • 3 yrs CAGR Sales = 6.6%  
  • 3 yrs CAGR Net profit = 18.91%

Financial ratio

  • P/E ratio= 43.39%
  • ROE = 51.21%
  • ROCE = 60.73%
  • Debt to equity = 0

What does the company do?

Colgate Palmolive (India) Ltd company operates in the oral care sector. The product range covers toothpaste, toothbrushes, tooth powder,  tooth whitening products, and many more. Company in the personal care segment offers products like skincare, haircare, body wash, shaving creams, and many more.

Which is the best and largest FMCG company in India?

HUL (full form is Hindustan Unilever Ltd.) is the largest and the best company in India in the FMCG market over many decades because of its scale, distribution network, product portfolio; also in terms of market capitalization and revenue.


I ( am not a SEBI registered investment advisor. This article is for information purposes any scheme or company name mentioned here is just for example & not a recommendation.

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