Charlie Munger quotes on investing, life, and more.

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Mr. Munger is an investor, billionaire, and philanthropist. Charlie Munger’s quotes are straightforward and simple.

He is the right-hand man of Warren Buffett. They have been partners for more than 50+ years and run Berkshire Hathaway Ltd… Charlie Munger is the Vice President of the same.

Mr. Munger studied meteorology at Caltech in Pasadena, California. He worked as a meteorologist during World War II. After the was war over he studied law at Harvard Law School and completed his course with a graduating magna cum laude with a J.D.

To know more about him and his investing style read his article.

Charlie Munger quotes

Charlie on Investing Quote
Mr. Munger on holding period.
Charlie Munger Quote on Inversion
Charlie Munger Quote on Inversion.

This quote is my favorite.
Try to invert the problem in order to solve it.

Inversion may not solve the problem but can make it easy to solve it.

Charlie Quote on Diversification.
Mr. Charlie Quote on Diversification.
Charlie Munger Quotes on investing
Charlie Munger on type of stock.
Mr. Munger quote on learning.
Mr. Munger’s quote on learning.
Charlie Munger on value investing.
Charlie Munger on value investing.

Value investing also includes growth investing.
As one buys a company having future earning growth.

Charlie Munger on keeping things simple.
Mr. Munger on keeping things simple.

“What are the secrets to success? – one word : “rational”

Charlie Munger quote on his success.

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Fun Fact

Charlie Munger completed his Law degree with the highest honor, but he did not have an under-grade degree.

Also, he has never attended any class on finance, business, investing, etc. Still, he is one of the best investors of all time.

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